Talent Coaching by Courtney

Personalized, Individual Lessons!


"I can't even begin to say how thankful I am to find an acting coach so passionate about acting and the progress of her students. Courtney is able to take talent and polish it to it's complete and full potential. I've been to many acting classes that are heavy on pockets yet NONE of them have come close to the skills I have gained personally by attending her coaching class once a week with prices that are unbelievably reasonable. She's not only talented in what she teaches but she is super knowledgeable about the business as a whole and can help any beginner who is new to the entertainment business. She's fun, caring and an overall ideal coach for any aspiring actor/actress who is serious about perfecting their craft!"

-Veronica B. Actress-Model

"Our daughter has been working privately with Courtney for a few years and she is an amazing coach. She's wonderful at what she does. Courtney is truly talented! She's also honest, knowledgeable, inspiring, very sweet and caring. She continues to encourage our daughter and that in itself speaks volumes to us as parents. Our daughter always enjoys her hour with Courtney & she learns something new about acting and the overall "business" at every lesson. Courtney is great and we highly recommend her!"

-Millie S.

"Courtney is able to take potential and turn it into ability to act. I've seen her work with a number of talent and she's patient, kind and thorough in her coaching. She knows what casting directors and agents are looking for. SHE IS GOOD AT WHAT SHE DOES! And her prices...are super low, I recommend getting in with her before the secret is out."

-Nicole D. Event Producer-Owner Nicole Magazine

"She is one of the greatest people I know! Her drive to teach her students to the very best of her abilities has opened so many opportunities for me and many others I'm sure. Courtney is a very genuine person, you can't say that about many people... But as for Courtney, she's a one in a million coach. She's phenomenal!!"

-Molly S