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Industry Tips 101

Posted on July 16, 2015 at 6:26 PM
Industry Tips 101
Being in the industry for as long as I can remember, I have come across all kinds of behaviors.  The Good, The Bad and The Ugly… I put together a little list of really simple little tips to help insure that you remain on your best behavior, in an industry that can be known for its Divas…

Never ask an agency or teacher their opinion on their competition: Like EVER…. I would never go into AT&T and ask them what they think of Verizon. It’s unprofessional.  It blows my mind when people say. “What do you think of such and such a teacher or class?” Know this, any self-respecting, professional teacher or agent, is going to politely decline to answer. BE AWARE of anyone who is willing to talk negatively about anyone, even their competition.
Don't Be a Sheep: Once you get started into the industry it can be SO tempting to jump onboard with the classes or agencies that everyone else is with.  Just remember above all, to do what is right for YOU. Boutique agencies and private acting coaches may get overlooked. Here’s a tip, look at their track record. Look at what they are booking or what their students are booking. Take the time to talk with any agencies or instructors you may be interested in. Ask questions. Find the approach and the people who work for you. It may not be who everyone else is with, but that could, in the end, work out in your favor.
Listen to GOOD Advice: This industry can be a maze, with an obstacle around every corner. If and when you take the time to seek out advice from industry professionals, listen to it. Your agent, acting coach, a trusted industry veteran, these are all great people to ask for advice, and when you get it, try your best to follow it. All of these people have your best interest at heart when it comes to headshots, resumes, casting advice, career direction, etc.

Be Patient: Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither is your career. Patience is a virtue. It can be hard to be still, but sometimes you have to. Trust that your agent is working for you, and check in with them from time to time to stay fresh in their minds. A great way would be to send your sizes, a few candid photos and an updated resume.

Also, give your Acting Class or Coach time. Depending on your skill set, and sometimes, just sheer luck, you may book the first thing you audition for, and sometimes you have to go to 20 auditions before you book one. Just remain patient. If you are a serious actor, you should be working with a coach constantly. There are no set amount of weeks or months to success, only hard work, drive, and dedication.
BE KIND: You never know who you will meet and what position you might find them in one day…true story.
Say Thank-you and Be Grateful: There are many people that help to make an actor’s career possible. Agents, Casting Directors, Acting Coaches, AD’S, PA’s, Wardrobe, Photographers…. All of these people work their humps off for you… Say Thank you! Write a kind word, send them a gift card for a cup of coffee, or bring them their favorite treat. It shows you care.

Thank you all for reading, as always, please feel free to leave a comment or share this blog with anyone who may benefit. You can also check out tips for how to make your agent love you here and here.


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