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Monologues...Every Actor's Worst Nightmare!

Posted on February 18, 2014 at 12:04 PM
Don't let this Happen to YOU!

Let's face it, most actor's HATE monologues. They are tedious, hard to find, and most often times, it's ridiculously hard to find the right one.

Monologues are, however, necessary in the Entertainment Industry, and many times your monologue can make or break an audition.

The process for perfecting the monologue can be a long and drawn out, but working with a coach can really be beneficial. Many of my students have booked jobs, gained an Agent, or wowed audiences with their pieces. I can help you find, tailor and perfect a piece for you... contact info ishere and  below... in the mean time, here are a few tips!

1) Find the right piece for YOU: The right monologue is out there, you just have to look. There are so many ways to find great monologues. Libraries, internet, TV shows, Films. The possibilities are endless. In many ways, monologues are like a great pair of shoes. You have to try the monologue on for size, does it fit your personality? Does it inspire you with ideas? Does it compliment your skills? It has to be more personal than just googling monologues and picking the first one you see. You should try a few, until you find the perfect one. This is where a coach comes in handy. ;)

2) Make sure your monologue is age and situation appropriate: This is a BIG one! For children there should be an age range of no more than one year younger and one year older and adults can usually span about 5 years or so. Unless otherwise directed in a breakdown...As an adult, even if you look young, it's not appropriate to use a teenage monologue, and likewise for kids/teens stick to something close in age. The director can use their imagination if the need to consider you for a younger or older role.

Also, consider your audience when choosing a piece. Are you auditioning for a Children's Theatre or family friendly theme park? An Agency? A dramatic adult play? As an actor you should have a few different pieces in your repertoire. A child friendly monologue, a PG or PG-13 piece and maybe something a little more heavy. Choosing the right monologue for the situation can really save you a lot of embarrassment and keep the Casting Director, or Agent from feeling awkward.

3) Practice makes perfect: Now that you or your coach, has helped you find the right piece, you should really begin to explore the piece. Make strong choices, and think outside of the box. You should try to keep your  monologues fresh and rehearse them as much as possible, while continuing to add new pieces. Having a coach or qualified friend, view your monologue and give notes it really important, often times they can point out mistakes or give constructive criticism that you cannot see.

I offer monologue selection, and perfecting the monologue for auditions. If you need help in this area please feel free to email me. Don't let another audition go by without 100% confidence in your monologue and it's presentation. I can do in person lessons, or Skype lessons!

Happy Hunting!

Courtney XOXO

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